Co-curricular Activity

Co-curricular Activities have an important place in the curriculum to bring out the best in each individual student. These activities help to identify the talent and fields of interest in students. They are put under the able guidance of trained teachers to achieve this task. 

  1. Karate : Those students interested in martial art like Karate are trained by qualified and experienced instructors.
  2. Music : Training of Vocal as well as instrumental music is provided according to the taste and interest of the students from Std. I to XII.
  3. Dance : 'Indian classical' and 'western dance' are taught in the school by experts to train, guide and help those   students interested in this form of art.
  4. Band : Students interested in various musical instruments are given special training to join the school band. 
  5. Physical Education : The school authorities understand that sports and games are necessary for physical and   mental growth and development of each child. So optimum environment is provided for productive and     comprehensive physical education programme to make the entire education a joyous process and also to participate in district, regional and national level competitions.
    Various literary activities including competitions like speeches, extempore, debates as well as writing stories, poems, essays, slogans etc. are carried out time to time throughout the academic session aiming to bring out the literary talents of the students.
  6. Drawing and Craft : The creative mind of a child is vast like an ocean. To give an opportunity to display one's imaginative and creative mind as well as the aesthetic sense, drawing and craft plays an important role.Children from pre-primary start these activities till they complete their schooling.
  7. Computer Education : Computers have taken over a major part of human activities and enabled people to have    more leisure by reducing his work-load. Computer Education is started from the primary classes and is one of the optional subjects in the Senior Secondary classes. The school has a well equipped computer lab and trained teachers to impart computer education at different levels.
  8. Science Education : The school has a well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Maths and Social Studies for the students to experiment and learn because learning by doing makes concrete concept formation.